Langkawi – Tropical Beach Paradise

Langkawi is fast becoming a tourism hotspot in Malaysia, for locals, as well as, foreign
holidaymakers. As the tourism industry is constantly evolving and growing, Langkawi has
had to up its ante over the years, and introduce various new activities to recapture the hearts
of tourists and to keep them coming back for more.

Langkawi Adventures provides its clientele with that, and more. Famed as one of the
most comprehensive tour agencies in Langkawi, Langkawi Adventures offers tourists with
Langkawi holiday packages, island tours, and specified trip packages, to ensure there’s
always something for everyone.

For those who’d prefer an activity-filled vacation, can perhaps try their hands on the
Langkawi Mangrove Kayaking Tour. The Mangrove Kayaking Tour will take tourist on a 5-
hour eco-friendly kayaking trip, where they can explore nature at its finest, which includes a
fish farm tour, bat cave visit, eagle area visit, and lunch on a floating restaurant. On this tour,
guests will have the opportunity to see monkeys, snakes, eagles, otters, monitor lizards, and
a variety of birds, in their natural habitat.

If you’d prefer to explore Langkawi on foot, do consider Jungle Trekking in Langkawi
as an alternative The Jungle Trekking Tour offered by Langkawi Adventures is a terrific
opportunity to learn and experience the flora and fauna, as well as the diverse wildlife
Langkawi has to offer. With over 400 tree species in Langkawi, some of which grow up to 70
meters tall, Langkawi Adventures’ Jungle Trekking Tour is a great opportunity to learn more
about nature. Aside from that, trekkers will also be exposed to wildlife such as monkeys,
flying squirrels, flying lemurs, a variety of birds, and butterflies for those that want to
experience Langkawi’s beautiful natural biodiversity.

The fun does not stop when the sun sets in Langkawi. Langkawi Adventures also
offers a Sunset Dinner Cruise. Enjoy some delicious lip-smacking BBQ, sit back, and enjoy
the beautiful sunset views, as the sun sets over the horizon. As the sun sets, dance the night
away to some lively tunes, or just relax as you take in the views of the open sea. A net will
also be rolled out from the cruise into the water, where you can enjoy a special saltwater
jacuzzi. The Langkawi Sunset Cruise has to be added to your agenda the next time you pay
a visit to Pulau Langkawi.

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