Choose between a morning or evening trek

This tour is a moderate trek of about 3 hours into the tropical rain forest that gives you the perfect opportunity to explore part of the nature of Langkawi. Choose between a morning or evening trek where the experienced nature guide will show you a few of Langkawi’s 400 tree species with a height up to 70 meters, birds, butterflies and some mammals.

The morning tour consist of a 3 hour trek through the tropical jungle where you will explore the flora and fauna that Langkawi has to offer.

The evening tour is a combination of a 2 hour trek through the jungle followed by a 1-1.5 hour evening walk where you will experience the shift change from day to night. Experience the life of nocturnal animals with a great chance to spot flying lemurs and one of the flying squirrels (red giant or pygmy).

The tour takes place in the beautiful and extensive jungle behind the Berjaya Resort.

The jungle is an unforgettable experience for everybody that likes to escape the busy normal life and that wants to experience more about Langkawi’s beautiful natural biodiversity.

START TIME Morning tour starts at 9 am (10 am on Mondays)

Evening tour starts at 5 pm

END TIME 3-hour jungle trek
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, cap, insect repellent and sunscreen.
Pickup service Mineral water
Experienced guide Insurance
Insect repellent
Hiking shoes


The price for this tour is RM 140/adult and RM 90/child (aged 5-10 years old only).

The morning tour consists of a 3 hour jungle trek only, and the evening tour is a combination of a 2 hour afternoon jungle trek and a 1-1.5 hour evening walk.

The morning tour starts at 9 am (10 am on Mondays) and the evening tour starts at 5 pm.

The tour includes pickup service, mineral water, an experienced guide and insurance.

  • Applying insect repellent is recommended.

  • Close-toed shoes or sports/hiking shoes are recommended, together with comfortable clothing.

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