Support our local tourism industry and discover some unique world-class sights.

We are fast approaching the middle of 2020. You have probably been saving for an amazing family trip overseas or a getaway with friends, or even planning your first solo trip abroad, which you planned to do sometime this year. Holidays are a great way to see new places (or refresh your memories of familiar ones) and connect with other people. No one could have foreseen 6 months ago that a pandemic would end up defining 2020 as a year in our lives. As you would have noticed, one of the biggest impacts COVID-19 has had on our economies and societies is the ban or restriction of travel, by land, sky or sea.

This has impacted the lives of many individuals, whose life’s work was to ensure that our holidays are fuss-free, exciting and memorable. Local airline companies like Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia have had to halt their services, only recently resuming operations for essential travel. Out local hotels are estimated to have made billions in losses following the Movement Control Order (MCO) implementation in March. Nearly half of the tours and travel company industry have closed down, while the remainder is struggling to keep afloat. The travel industry is a crucial component to a country’s economy, being the third-biggest contributor to Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product, and their struggles are our collective loss as a people and nation.

The MCO was a necessary measure that has proven fruitful in efforts to curb the spread of the pandemic. Now, while international travel has been discouraged for the rest of 2020, and perhaps the early part of 2021, there is hope that the inter-region travel will return to normal by the third quarter of the year. Once that happens, what better way to show support for our local communities than going on your own Cuti-Cuti Malaysia!

In the last few years, there has been a rise in interest among locals to travel to the wonderful locations Malaysia has to offer the intrepid traveller. So much so, the MATTA Fair, well-known for their incredible deals on flights and tour packages for international holidays, were planning to have their inaugural Cuti-Cuti Malaysia @ MATTA Fair in April 2020 to promote domestic travelling (this event has since been postponed indefinitely). For years, our countries has seen millions of international travellers on our shores, enjoying what our country offers in cultural diversity and natural beauty. While a vibrant culture is our normal, many Malaysians miss out on the biodiversity and rich ecological history that is abundantly present outside our bustling cities.

There are many gems across our peninsula and East Malaysia that are perfect for the first time explorer and return traveller. One of the most popular ones is Langkawi, and it is well-deserving of its prominence. Many a child would have selected it as the subject of their English essay on a memorable trip with their family. Historically home to seafarers, the archipelago made up of 99 individual islands boasts lush rainforests and swamp regions, with flora and fauna as extensive as can be imagined.

The islands’ greenery and abundance of life is matched is complemented by the areas where the sand meets the sea. Langkawi’s beaches are some of the best Malaysia, and even the world has to offer. One can choose to have a lazy beach day, or entertain yourself by participating in a variety of water sports offered by the various providers on your beach of choice. Langkawi has also become a well-frequented diving destination. Its waters are stocked with fantastic aquatic life and rock and coral formations which provide an amazing colour contrast against the blue waters.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? We all need a change of scenery after being cooped up at home for so long. Consider a Fun Dive Tour to bring out the adventurous spirit in you. Langkawi Adventures offers you the opportunity to explore the deep sea surrounding Pulau Payar Marine Park. A one-hour boat ride away from shore, the underwater “coral garden” you will explore is home to many types of sea creatures. You may even spot a docile young black-tip shark or two! With an all-in price of MYR 380 per person (including pickup service), you are ensured six hours of discovery and awe in the waters of Langkawi island. It’s a unique experience to be enjoyed, whether on your own or with family and friends.

If you are looking to plan a trip post-MCO, look no further than the wonders that Malaysia offers. By supporting local tourism, you are supporting the conservation of our natural world. This preserves places like Langkawi so that it can be a wonder for future generations to experience too.

To explore the Fun Dive Tour or other packages offered by Langkawi Adventures, visit

Langkawi is fast becoming a tourism hotspot in Malaysia, for locals, as well as, foreign
holidaymakers. As the tourism industry is constantly evolving and growing, Langkawi has
had to up its ante over the years, and introduce various new activities to recapture the hearts
of tourists and to keep them coming back for more.

Langkawi Adventures provides its clientele with that, and more. Famed as one of the
most comprehensive tour agencies in Langkawi, Langkawi Adventures offers tourists with
Langkawi holiday packages, island tours, and specified trip packages, to ensure there’s
always something for everyone.

For those who’d prefer an activity-filled vacation, can perhaps try their hands on the
Langkawi Mangrove Kayaking Tour. The Mangrove Kayaking Tour will take tourist on a 5-
hour eco-friendly kayaking trip, where they can explore nature at its finest, which includes a
fish farm tour, bat cave visit, eagle area visit, and lunch on a floating restaurant. On this tour,
guests will have the opportunity to see monkeys, snakes, eagles, otters, monitor lizards, and
a variety of birds, in their natural habitat.

If you’d prefer to explore Langkawi on foot, do consider Jungle Trekking in Langkawi
as an alternative The Jungle Trekking Tour offered by Langkawi Adventures is a terrific
opportunity to learn and experience the flora and fauna, as well as the diverse wildlife
Langkawi has to offer. With over 400 tree species in Langkawi, some of which grow up to 70
meters tall, Langkawi Adventures’ Jungle Trekking Tour is a great opportunity to learn more
about nature. Aside from that, trekkers will also be exposed to wildlife such as monkeys,
flying squirrels, flying lemurs, a variety of birds, and butterflies for those that want to
experience Langkawi’s beautiful natural biodiversity.

The fun does not stop when the sun sets in Langkawi. Langkawi Adventures also
offers a Sunset Dinner Cruise. Enjoy some delicious lip-smacking BBQ, sit back, and enjoy
the beautiful sunset views, as the sun sets over the horizon. As the sun sets, dance the night
away to some lively tunes, or just relax as you take in the views of the open sea. A net will
also be rolled out from the cruise into the water, where you can enjoy a special saltwater
jacuzzi. The Langkawi Sunset Cruise has to be added to your agenda the next time you pay
a visit to Pulau Langkawi.

So you’ve booked your flight tickets and accommodation in Langkawi. Now what? Are you craving
for something out of the ordinary? Wish to add a little spice and something nice to kick your
vacation up a notch? Well, look no further. Here are some fun little ideas you could incorporate into
your next holiday in Langkawi, to scratch that thrill-seeking itch you’ve been having lately.

For those of you who are relatively new to beach holidays, you’d certainly have to learn to
crawl before you walk. Or in this case, snorkel before your scuba. Yup, that’s right. Snorkelling! Head
on down to one of the many beautiful beaches in Langkawi, and explore the beautiful corals and
diverse marine life Langkawi has to offer. If you’re unsure as to where to begin, check out our snorkelling tour to get the ball rolling, as Langkawi Adventures
offers the best snorkelling in Langkawi. Operating with years of experience in the bag, Langkawi
Adventures have identified the best places to snorkel in Langkawi, while at the same time offering
the cheapest snorkelling packages in Langkawi.

For those of you who’re more familiar with beach holidays, and have tried your hand in
snorkelling in the past, it is now time to up the ante with scuba diving in Langkawi. Put on your wet
suits, strap on your tank, and tighten your mask, and prepare to be one with the ocean, as you swim
alongside various fishes and other fascinating marine life. Once again, Langkawi Adventures has got
you covered as they offer the cheapest scuba diving packages in Langkawi.

Don’t want to get your feet wet, but still wish to get your adrenaline pumping? Visit and consider ziplining instead. Hold on tight as you fly through the
treetops of one of the world’s oldest rainforests in the world. Aside from that, you’ll also be able to
zipline over some of Langkawi’s beautiful waterfalls. Scream your heart out as you zipline through
Langkawi’s jungle canopy, or take in the majestic views Langkawi has to offer. The choice is yours,
but Langkawi Adventures promises fun and exhilarating time regardless.

Now that the Movement Control Order is coming to an end, and restrictions are slowly being lifted,
it is now time to rejoice, and book your next vacation. As we’re still unable to fly out of our beloved
Malaysia, why not enjoy what we have in our own backyard, and plan your next getaway in
Malaysia? Beat the MCO blues on a tropical island accompanied by the sun and the sea.

Langkawi offers tourists with the perfect tropical island getaway experience, without being
removed from necessities and conveniences of the modern world. Located just a short flight or ferry
ride away, options to get to the island are aplenty, so you can choose what fits your budget, and
schedule with ease. Upon arrival, you can get around the island conveniently as taxis are aplenty.
Should you require more flexibility, consider renting a car or MPV with travel agents in Langkawi
such as Langkawi Adventures. Choose from a wide selection of city cars, executive sedans, MPVs,
SUVs, and even vans to suit your needs, and explore the main island at your own pace and

Explore the beauty of the island by booking a day cruise around Langkawi, or perhaps even a
mangrove tour in one of the ninety-nine islands in Langkawi. If you’re there on a romantic getaway,
also consider a romantic sunset dinner cruise in Langkawi as a good way to enjoy each other’s
company, with the backdrop of the beautiful sunset nestling amongst the islands in the horizon.
Once you’ve gotten your vitamin sea fix, explore the many local attractions Langkawi has to
offer. Pop on by Langkawi’s Underwater World and get up close and personal with marine life, such
as sharks, stingrays, seahorses, penguins, and many more. Or perhaps, hop on the Langkawi Cable
Car for a 15-minute ride to the top of Mount Mat Cincang for a bird’s eye view of Langkawi’s luscious
rainforest and waterfalls below.

Come dinner time, you will be spoiled for choice as there are many restaurants, eateries,
hawkers, street vendors, and cafés to choose from. Sample seafood fresh from the ocean, and find
out for yourself, what the locals have been raving about. All in all, Langkawi offers a little bit
everything for everyone, so be sure to make Langkawi your next getaway.

How does a relaxing island getaway sound? As it is probably unsafe and impractical to travel out of
the country at the moment, why not consider a relaxing getaway at an archipelago of 99 islands in
the Andaman Sea. Known as the ‘Jewel of Kedah’, Langkawi has warm sunny beaches, picturesque
views, historical landmarks, numerous accommodation options to choose from, making Langkawi
the perfect getaway.

Located in the northern state of Kedah, Langkawi is only a brief 45-minute flight from Kuala Lumpur,
or a 90-minute ferry ride from Kuala Kedah. Upon arrival at Langkawi, you would be spoiled for
choice as Langkawi offers tourist with various accommodation options, ranging from hostels for
backpackers, executive suites in 5-star hotels, serviced apartments for families or large parties, and
everything in between, Langkawi has it all.

For the best bang for your buck, consider contacting Langkawi tour guides such as Langkawi
Adventures to plan your next Langkawi getaway. Regardless of what you’re looking for, be it with
friends, or family, Langkawi Adventures has got you covered as they have dozens of holiday
packages in Langkawi for you to choose from. Those who wish to get their adrenalin pumping can
choose from activities such as ziplining over a waterfall in Langkawi, and many more heart-racing
activities to truly feel alive on your vacation.

If you prefer a more relaxed getaway in Langkawi, explore the luscious greenery of Langkawi
by booking a Skytrail Jungle Trekking day out, and be one with nature, or partake in Nature
Cycling Tour to take in the natural beauty of Langkawi. Take to the seas with the Morning Nature
Kayaking, and Mangrove Kayaking Tour to experience the gentle waves and clear your mind of the
stresses of everyday life.

Planning to travel with your kids? Put your worries aside as Langkawi Adventures also offers
activities such as Day Cruises, Mangrove Tours, Snorkelling, and Sunset Cruises around Langkawi, to
ensure fun for the entire family. These great activities and tours can be conveniently booked online
to ensure a hassle-free, affordable, and memorable vacation.